The University Strategy

Our strategy

We will improve our reputation which will enhance our national and international rankings and enable us to outperform our main competitors. 

We will monitor key performance indicators on a regular basis and adjust our actions and priorities as necessary to ensure we remain on a successful track. 

We will take informed decisions, building our resilience and capacity to adapt to uncertainties in national and international higher education. 

A reputation for the highest quality in everything we do and for delivering an excellent student experience will ensure demand from the best applicants who will be able to benefit from a University of Plymouth education. 

Our research will be recognised for making a difference, ensuring sustained support from funders and our business partners. Our alumni will be proud to engage in the future of the University. 

Our core principles

These three underlying principles are central to the success of our strategy and will underpin all of our strategic activities:

  • Quality: striving for the highest quality in everything we do
  • Institutional Sustainability: sustainability in our finances, reputation, services, and environment
  • One Team: working, planning for and delivering a shared vision, underpinned by a strong sense of collegiality