Professional Development Unit - Admissions

Stand alone degree or masters level modules

If you are applying for one or more stand-alone modules in this academic year, but do not wish to be considered for a full programme of study at this time, please complete the application form below. If you are hoping to complete an award of PgCert/PgDip/MSc, rather than a single stand-alone module, then please complete the Programme application form, below. If you will not be paying the fee yourself, a sponsorship form will be required in order to make us aware of which organisation will be paying on your behalf. The document is available at the back of the application form, or can be accessed below and sent in separately. Some of our modules are offered as commissioned modules via Health Education England and you can apply for these modules via your Trust Co-ordinator.

Programme application forms

For the following programmes, please download the following forms, application form and postgraduate referee form.

  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice Children and Families (Social Work) 
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Community and Primary Care Practitioner) 
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Dietetics) 
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Health and Social Care Professionals) 
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Mental Health Practitioner) 

  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Neuro Rehabilitation) 
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Nursing and Midwifery Professions)
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Occupational Therapy)
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Paediatric Dietetics)
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Physiotherapy)
  • MSc Human Nutrition
  • MClinRes Clinical Research

In addition to completing the form above, the following programmes require you to also complete an additional form.

  • MSc Advanced Critical Care Practitioner
  • PgDip Advanced Critical Care Practitioner
  • MSc Advanced Neo-natal Nurse Practitioner
  • MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Clinical Practitioner)
  • MSc Surgical Care Practitioner
  • PgDip Surgical Care Practitioner

Return to practice

You must obtain a 'return to practice' position with an employer, who will provide you with the opportunity to complete the required practice hours, and have attended an interview with the University of Plymouth. PDU Admissions will send you the application form only once you have met this criteria.

For help in finding a suitable role please visit NHS trust job page

Sponsorship form

Please provide your sponsor with the form below if they have agreed to pay your fees for you. This form is also integral to many of our application forms and can be completed as part of your application. This separate form is available should you require it to be completed in addition to your initial application. 

Transferring onto a full programme of study

If you have already completed some masters modules with us, and would like to transfer onto a full masters programme, please complete the application form below:

Confirmation information

Your confirmation letter will inform you of the information you will need from the list below. 

Information relating to study at the Exeter School of Nursing WESC Campus (WESC) 

WESC is a safeguarding site and you will need to send your DBS number to at least a week before the module starts. 

You are required to wear your University identity card when on campus. If you do not have a University card then your Trust identity card will be accepted. 

Students who do not wear either their Trust or University card will be required to call into the University reception at WESC and wear a visitor’s badge. Students wearing this badge will need to be escorted whilst on the campus. 

Please be aware that there is no car parking available for students either on the site, or the road adjacent to the WESC campus.

IT registration and Moodle instructions

Instructions on how to set up your University IT account and how to access Moodle which contains all your learning resources and information about the programme or module.

Student card form

If you have not studied with the University of Plymouth before you will need to apply for a student card

Change of name form

If you have enrolled on a course with us previously and have since changed your name you will need to complete a change of name form if you would like us to change the name on your student record.

Induction information

If you have enrolled on a full masters programme or intercalated degree with us the link below will take you to the induction programmes on our website.

These are currently not available but will be uploaded soon.