​Research in neurosciences is focused on creating solutions for patients with neurological conditions, but also seeks to influence policy on care and support.

Projects around neurodegenerative disease, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), are recognised as influencing therapeutic outcomes internationally – such projects include headline work assessing the role of cannabinoids in the treatment of MS.

Dementia is a key element of the neurosciences theme. Research teams seek to identify therapies, interventions and technical innovations designed to alleviate the consequences of dementia. In the laboratory, solutions are being sought to find drug therapies that could halt or reverse the condition. Our teams who work in dementia interact with policy makers at the highest level – from the Prime Minister to running the UK’s leading conference on the subject.

Mental health constitutes the third strand to our neurosciences theme. Here, we seek to find solutions to the growing issue of mental health problems and health and social care provision. Key to our strategy here is improving access to mental health support for ‘difficult to reach’ members of the community, such as prisoners with mental health problems on the point of their release.