Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Our services and function

The Purchase to Pay (P2P) team provide the central administration and support for the requisitioning, purchasing, and payment of goods and services. This includes managing the Government Procurement Card (GPC), Consultancy and the checking and processing of all expense claims. They provide training and advice to staff on all these areas.

Purchasing goods and services 

The fastest and most efficient method of purchasing goods and services is through the University’s web requisitioning online system, Agresso. Staff can receive training in using web requisitioning by contacting our Finance Systems Team who will be happy to provide information and guidance.

Setting up suppliers

In order to raise purchase orders to companies that supply goods and services to the University, each supplier needs to be set up on University systems to ensure they are paid promptly. This is initiated by the internal staff member who is requesting the goods or service.

Purchases of £10,000 or more

Purchases with a value greater than £10,000 require three quotations, or an approved waiver from Procurement before the order can be processed. For further information regarding waivers, staff are required to contact procurement@plymouth.ac.uk.

To ensure there are no delays in the ordering process, staff must attach all relevant documents to the order requisition.

Government procurement card purchases

To be made locally within faculties or directorates for low value purchases or where payment with a card is required e.g. conference bookings. It should not be used for purchasing from University contracted suppliers.

Additional information on the University GPCs can be accessed from the Official Documents Centre where the GPC policy and relevant documents are contained. For GPC application forms and any questions, please email gpc@plymouth.ac.uk

Booking business travel

Approved University staff are able to book business travel and accommodation from Key Travel quickly and easily.

If you need additional support booking travel please contact Key Travel's support service (ruby@keytravel.com) or 0845 1220102.

Making payments

Weekly payment deadlines

Payments to To P2P by Payment in bank
Students (inc expenses) Wednesday 5pm Wednesday of the following week
PU/UPEL/PDSE Suppliers inc external expenses (paid weekly) Thursday 5pm Friday of the following week
PMS, UCSP (paid fortnightly) Thursday 5pm Friday of the following week
Staff expenses Wednesday 9am Wednesday of the following week
Cheques are produced monthly. Supplier and Student cheques will be run on the last Wednesday of each month.

(BACs is the preferred and most efficient method of payment, where possible, please obtain bank details).

Staff can access payment method guidelines from within the Official Documents Centre.


Suppliers should send invoices directly to P2P (payments@plymouth.ac.uk) and all invoices must quote a valid purchase order number.

Staff who receive invoices directly; please forward onto P2P (payments@plymouth.ac.uk) without delay.

Request for payments

In order to pay a 'proforma' invoice, a 'Request for Payment form' should be completed and authorised by a budget authority prior to forwarding it to purchase (purchase@plymouth.ac.uk).

Please use a 'Request for Foreign Payments form' if you wish to make a payment for services/goods abroad.

Documents can be accessed from within the Official Documents Centre.

Expenses and subsistence advances via BACS


Here you will find the University's External Individuals and External Interview Candidates Policy for travel and subsistence, and related claim form.

The travel and subsistence policy for staff and students, and all claim forms, can be found on the Official Documents Centre.

All standard expense claims should be made using the online Agresso web system. Using this system allows claims to be reimbursed quickly - usually within six to nine working days of claims being submitted via the web. Receipts need to be scanned and attached for all research projects. For all other claims, you have the option to either attach the receipts or retain the receipts for seven years for audit purposes. All expenses are subject to random spot checks. Please ensure your receipts are available. The Finance Systems Team provide advice and have guides for you to use. Please visit the Finance Systems website.  

Relocation claims must be sent to Payroll (Human Resources). 

Paper claim form should only be used where HMRC consider items to be a taxable benefit. Itemised receipts must be attached to the claim form and sent via internal recorded delivery to:

P2P Purchase
Finance Department
New Cooperage
Drake Circus

Subsistence advances via BACS

Students/staff attending field trips/fieldwork may request a BACS payment as an advance for travel and subsistence that cannot be paid for using GPC or web expenses.

Bank transfer should be requested using ‘Subsistence Advance Request’ form and submitted to purchase@plymouth.ac.uk. Paperwork to be submitted by 4pm Wednesday for payment the following Wednesday into the staff/student’s bank account. The advance must be reconciled within one month from date of return with itemised receipts using the ‘Advance Reconciliation Form'.

Regular travellers can approach their Faculty or Directorate Dean/Director and request a Government Procurement Card (GPC). Please review the GPC policy and application from the Official Documents Centre or contact gpc@plymouth.ac.uk for more information.

Journals and internal orders


Please ensure that all journals have a minimum of two lines and include account code, relevant attributes and workorders on each line and should only be used for transferring monies and corrections.

Journals should be sent to either purchase@plymouth.ac.uk or P2P Purchase, New Cooperage, Royal William Yard, Plymouth, PL4 8AA.

Internal orders

These should only be used for ordering of services/goods within the University. Please ensure that the internal order is coded at the bottom of the form and has both a credit and debit line with matching account codes and each line has a workorder and relevant attributes, before sending to P2P.

All internal order forms can be obtained from the Income Office, Ground Floor Roland Levinsky Building.

Internal orders/recharges should be sent to either purchase@plymouth.ac.uk or P2P Purchase, New Cooperage, Royal William Yard, Plymouth, PL4 8AA.

Purchase to Pay team


We are based in the New Cooperage at the Royal William Yard, but have a presence on campus every Wednesday or Thursday between 9-12 noon and 2-4pm in the R&I Offices, 2nd Floor, Marine Building.