How to deal with stress in day to day life

Stress can be and often is a motivating factor, distress however, happens when stress becomes too great and it takes over our day to day lives, either in our work or home lives or both. 

We can all feel stressed at times and feel as though everything becomes too much. We feel as though we are unable to cope. It may be the result of a combination of factors in our personal and working lives. Work-related stress can be tackled by working with your manager to identify issues at source and agreeing realistic and workable ways to tackle these.

Talk to someone you trust. Talking is the first step in regaining control over your life. Talk to your GP, a friend or other trusted source of support. Look after yourself. Take regular exercise, eat healthily and take proper breaks. Try to relax actively though sport or music. Avoid inappropriate coping strategies, particularly drinking, smoking or drugs.