Roland Levinsky Memorial Fund award winners 2010

Roland Levinsky Memorial Fund award winners 2010

Vincent Adiamah

BSc (Hons) Architecture, Design and Structures

Funding to purchase vital training equipment and cover travel expenses to enable Vincent to compete in five UK athletics competitions.‚Äč

Isobel Bloor

PhD student

Underwater photography training and the purchase of underwater camera equipment to create a multimedia interactive experience on cuttlefish.

Victoria Bryant

BSc (Hons) Environmental Science 

A marine conservation project involving the baseline biological study of the reefs around the Tiomand Island in Malaysia.

Christina Carr

BA (Hons) Business Studies

Teaching at a school in Mexico and volunteering at a local orphanage. 

Laura Hobbs

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology and Oceanography

Laura joined polar explorer Antony Jinman on a research expedition to Baffin Island.

Alexis Kirke

PhD Student

Purchasing specialist equipment to produce a live electronics and visuals composition.

Samantha Newcombe

BEd Primary Education with History

Samantha and her fellow classmates undertook Makaton training, a form of sign language for children and adults with special needs.

Wiktoria Niewiadomska

BSc (Hons) International Relations with Criminology

Undertook an internship for Human Rights and Just Peace in Palestine and Israel.

Sarah Patching

Peninsula Medical School 

An eight week medical elective at Masanga Hospital in Sierra Leone.

Heidi Samson

School of Art and Media

A library renovation project in Tanzania in collaboration with charitable project 'READ'.

Nilesh Dixit

MSc Marine Geosciences

Funding to enable him to participate in a class field trip to Cyprus.