Roland Levinsky 2016 Winners

Caitlin Joseph, an education studies student who was awarded the Roland Levinsky Fund, says:  

"My experience was the most challenging yet rewarding experience of my life. I travelled to Cape Town alone, to volunteer in a poor township with children and young people. The project is split into two parts; the mornings are spent at centres within the community and the afternoons at the Ubuntu centre."

Caitlin also created a blog about her travels and gives some advice for fellow and aspiring volunteers.

Astrid travelled to Nepal to learn about midwifery and the challenges they face in a difficult work environment. She says: 

"Three of these weeks were based in one of the main city hospitals on their delivery suite and another week in a Himalayan village at the local health centre. I was able to experience healthcare in a developing country and the challenges faced by doctors, nurses and midwives there."

Maxwell, an engineering graduate raised money and also travelled across Europe:

"My summer trip consisted of a 4000km (2500 mile) self-supported cycling trip from Greece to the UK through 16 countries raising money for a number of local and international charities. I learnt a lot about myself and how small and comfortable a bubble we live in in the UK."

Primary education student Seth Darnborough travelled to Chile and worked in a school for the summer. This is what Seth said about the experience and also what the Roland Levinsky Memorial Fund did for him: 

"Crucially, this award has enabled me to travel, live, work and practice as a teacher in another country and has enabled me to do something I never thought I would be able to."

Business studies student Catherine travelled to Swaziland to help out at orphanages. Catherine writes this about her experiences: 

"Winning the award was amazing for me. It allowed me to do amazing things this summer which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I was able to work with a very small organisation which needed the help, make a difference and have an amazing time."

Shannon Buxton, an English student, ventured to Kenya to help out at understaffed organisations. This is what Shannon says about meeting a young person on her travels:  

"One of the girls I met had a lasting impact on me. Anna was an amazing 15-year-old with a general, positive outlook on life, despite her troubled life. She was just a normal teenager with big dreams – a love for books, music and fashion."

Eleanor went to Nepal and worked with different communities and said this about volunteering:

"I hope that something that made me a good candidate was that I started out with a thorough knowledge of the country and region I was to be working in, with a clear plan to implement my objectives. To any future applicants who are planning to go abroad for a project, I would recommend getting as familiar as you can with the current politics, national laws, figures on inequality etc of the country you're visiting. A basic knowledge of local language and customs is also necessary."

Dental student Ashly Punnoose travelled to India to help children with their dental health care. She said: 

"Winning this award has helped me to achieve the dream I had to participate in an elective where I can make a positive difference. Working as part of a new team in a new country improved my team working skills and adaptability to change."

Hospitality student Maria Williams ventured to Africa to local people of the Moshi community from being able to benefit from the large tourism industry in Kilimanjaro region. Talking about the Roland Levinsky memorial fund: 

"Perhaps I was a little blinkered before my volunteering but this is certainly something that has changed me for the better and has made me more determined to help and offer support to people and communities whenever possible."

Eleanor Burfitt – Eleanor travelled to Iceland for two weeks to work on conversation and also make a film about it.

Evelyn Pearson – Evelyn travelled to East Africa and worked with small businesses to help develop local skills for the future.

Sarah Horswell – the Shanghai Summer School involves a life-changing trip to Shanghai Maritime University to live and study there for four weeks, in China.

Will Cowie – completed Skydiving training to complete his personal goal.

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