Elegance Lam - BSc (Hons) in Applied Statistics with Management Science graduate
"Studying in the UK at Plymouth University was the most fascinating, academically challenging and also most enjoyable time in my life. I have developed a wider range of skills, in particular problem solving skills and critical thinking"

What are you doing now and how does it relate to your study in the UK?

I am a lecturer at a university in Hong Kong. I am responsible for teaching mathematics and statistics, business statistics and research methods. I am also supervising students for their final year project. I teach full-time and part-time courses (associated degree and degree courses). My work is closely related to my study in the UK. I studied BSc (Hons) Applied Statistics with Management Science (renamed BSc (Hons) Data Modelling and Analytics) at Plymouth University. This degree course focused on the teaching of statistical skills which could be applied to different areas including medicine, education, industry and business. After completion of this degree course, I had acquired a solid training in advanced statistical skills with the use of statistical software. I am competent to apply these skills in research and teaching, and to analyse and present data using proper statistical methods.

Currently, I have to supervise more than twenty students on their final year project. Students have to decide their research topic from their own interests. I have to provide guidance on their research project in terms of planning (research design, sampling and data collection method that are fundamental statistical skills), implementation (how to carry out a research study), data analysis (choice of statistical test and use of statistical software for data analysis) and report writing (how to report the research findings). I have gained a number of transferrable skills such as problem solving, communication skills, critical appraisal and the use of statistical software which were extremely useful for my current job.

How did your study in the UK/at Plymouth University prepare you for your career?

My study in the UK at Plymouth University served to cultivate my interest in mathematical and quantitative skills that are necessary for further study, and to strengthen my ability to apply these skills in research and teaching. Statistics can be applied in many areas and I am particularly interested in medical statistics. Therefore, after completing my degree I went on to study for a masters and doctoral degree in medical statistics.

Studying for a degree in applied statistics with management science at Plymouth University provided me with a foundation on which to build my future career. It has equipped me with all the scientific skills (from theories to practical) required to begin my career as an academic. Since graduating from Plymouth University, I obtained a masters degree and PhD. Without the support I received from Plymouth University, it would have been much harder.  

What particular life skills did studying in the UK/at Plymouth University give you?

Studying in the UK at Plymouth University was the most fascinating, academically challenging and also most enjoyable time in my life. I have developed a wider range of skills, in particular problem solving skills and critical thinking. As a researcher and teacher, critical thinking is very important so that we are not blindly accepting ideas from others and we need to evaluate our work critically. We face different challenges in life but how do we face challenges. This is problem solving skills.   

Are you connected with other alumni from Plymouth University and how does this help you?

Yes, I keep contact with other alumni from Plymouth University. It is one of the best resources for exploring career options, getting perspective on different industries and occupations. I can learn about different career paths through alumni and seek advice from alumni about jobs.

What involvement with Plymouth University will you keep in the future?

I will attend alumni events and invite other graduates to join the events as well. I am very pleased to share my experience at Plymouth University with prospective students. I am also interested in assisting the Alumni Office in supporting alumni and students in career development. 

What makes you feel proud about having studied at Plymouth University?

The quality of teaching was excellent, it allowed me to develop subject specific skills. The lecturers were enthusiastic and passionate. They were willing to help students and they were patient when seeking help. They provided great support and encouragement to students academically and gave advice on their career path.

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