Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) for business

The benefits of KTP to business:

The five year 2011-2016 national statistics show that over the past five years each partnership have benefitted from an average:

  • £60k increase in pre-tax profit during the lifetime of the project
  • £600k per annum increase in pre-tax profit for the three years following completion of the project
  • £650k per annum increase in exports for the three years following completion of the project
  • invested £300k in plant and machinery
  • invested £160k in further research and development
  • created two new jobs
  • trained 20 staff
  • 64 per cent of KTP Associates are offered jobs by the company partner post KTP completion.

Making your project happen

To succeed, the project needs to be strategically important and have the potential to transform your business in making it more competitive and productive. A KTP can last between 12 and 36 months depending on the project and the needs of your business. 

A Specialist Advisor will be assigned to you who will help you define your project, identify the appropriate academic support team and then will work closely with you completing the funding application form. Once your KTP has been approved for funding, we will work together to recruit a recently qualified graduate/postgraduate known as the KTP Associate. With support of the academic team, the Associate will work in your business day to day, focusing on delivering the agreed project objectives. The Associate also undertakes a personal development programme and the KTP Specialist Advisor will be on hand to offer support throughout the project.

Academic support

At least one academic will have been nominated to supervise the Associate and form part of the team that will deliver the project. The academics will provide the project and Associate with guidance on the specialist expertise and technical knowledge your business needs so that you can achieve your growth objectives. A key outcome is ensuring the new knowledge is transferred and embedded within your business so that at the completion of the project you can operate in this new area independently/successfully. 

Funding your project

A KTP is part-funded by a UK Government grant and the amount you will need to contribute depends on the requirement and length of the project, as well the size of your company.


If you are a small to medium-sized business, you will need to contribute a third of the overall project cost. The average annual contribution to a project for an SME is around £23,000.

Download the detailed SME budget

Large companies

If you are a larger business, you may need to contribute half of the overall project cost. The average annual contribution to a project for a larger company is around £35,000.

Download the detailed large organisation budget

KTPs are excellent value, especially as evidence shows that businesses who invest in R&D grow twice as fast and have higher exports compared to non-innovators.

Browse our case studies of previous KTPs or take a look at national examples in what KTP can do for you.

Am I eligible?

Innovate UK wishes to invest its funding primarily on supporting high-growth potential SME's that demonstrate innovation, impact and challenge for all parties participating on a KTP.

We will check the feasibility of your idea, tell you if it is suitable for KTP and source the appropriate academics to support your project.

KTPs often result in the development of profitable long-term relationships between the company and the University. 

To find out more about how KTP can ignite innovation in your business, contact the Enterprise Solutions Team on 0800 052 5600 or email