Devon & Cornwall Children's University FAQs
Children's University learning activities

How do I sign up my child to Children’s University?

You can sign up through your child’s school. If the school is not already a part of Children’s University, then they can become one by contacting us. 

Which learning activities count towards Children’s University?

Learning Activities must take place outside the normal school day. This includes before school, lunchtime and after school clubs, as well as weekend and holiday activities. Only activities that have been quality assured (validated) by us can be included.  

Schools will ensure children know which clubs are included.

How do I nominate an activity/learning provider to become a learning destination?

If you would like to nominate an activity provider, then please email us at or with the following information:

  • activity name
  • name of organiser
  • telephone number and email address of activity provider.
We will then contact them on your behalf.

Where can I find further information?

Your local Children’s University Coordinator is the best person to answer any other questions on the Passport to Learning which you may have. If your Children’s University Coordinator is not able to help you, please contact CU Trust at: