Internship Case Study
Devon FA Intern with Howard Shaddick (Devon FA representative)

Together with our Plymouth University Partnerships team, our Futures Entrepreneurship Centre unlocked this unique opportunity for one of our students to combine their passion for sport, with their knowledge and expertise in marketing. Business Management student Nicky Vincent was excited to explore this internship further after hearing about it through her lecturers.

“I visited our Business School and found many leaflets for all the different internships, but as I have a huge interest in football, the opportunity to match an internship with something that I thoroughly enjoy was too good to miss.”

Following a successful application Nicky was invited to an interview. Tasked with preparing a marketing programme for a Football Futures workshop run by the Devon FA, this was Nicky’s first experience of a professional interview. After doing some research on what they had asked of her, Nicky felt much more confident.

“It gave me the opportunity to show the interviewers what I was capable of and how I would go about the campaigns if I was lucky enough to be offered the internship.” 

After impressing the interview panel and being selected for the position Nicky got stuck in to the internship, determined to utilise this fantastic experience. Her main responsibility was to create a brochure to promote Football Futures, which has been used all across the county. Being entrusted and given the freedom to reveal and develop her creativity working on the campaigns has built Nicky’s confidence in herself and her work. 

“As they didn't have anything already published this was a very exciting project, giving me the opportunity to create something that would be recognised nationally. I understood what needed to be included but they did not give me strict instructions which gave me the ability to get a true feel for the campaign in ways, that I felt would help”

Nicky would definitely recommend this opportunity to other students as it has given her the chance to meet lots of likeminded people whilst engaging in sport on a region wide basis. 

“Being an intern can have its difficulties, such as communication with the rest of the team, however, it has been a brilliant experience.” 

Having flourished in this internship growing her confidence and developing invaluable employability skills, Nicky is prepared for the next stage of her journey…

Next up for Nicky is to graduate from Plymouth University and find her dream marketing job.