Tamar Engineering Project – applicants

Do you look at technology with fascination and intrigue?

Are you curious and creative?

We are looking for the ‘Brunels of the future’. Up to five scholarships are available. This scholarship is open to you to apply if you are have the potential for high academic achievement in an engineering-related discipline but your background or circumstances have been a barrier to university study. 

We want to provide you with every chance of achieving your full potential.  

Successful applicants will receive:

  • £3,000 towards living costs 
  • £1,500 fee waiver, and
  • one-to-one mentoring from an industry expert.

With this support you can focus on your studies while building the knowledge and connections that will help you succeed as an engineer.

Read the full Project guidelines and eligibility criteria.  Applications for 2019 are now open and applicants should complete this form to apply.

Neural network architectures, autonomous and tele-operated robots

Breaking down barriers

Engineering combines the freedom of imagination with precise execution and provides a pathway to a prosperous future. 

Sometimes however, those with the inspiration and drive to succeed are met with barriers to this fulfilling career; either through personal circumstances or their background.

We have introduced the Tamar Engineering Project (TEP) to break down these barriers, open up career pathways, and ensure that you have an equal opportunity to be successful and enhance the world we live in. 

You could be the next Brunel, Dame Ann Dowling, or Henry Ford, and we will support you on that journey.

Giving you every chance to succeed

TEP is championed by former CEO of Lockheed Martin, Stephen Ball, a great modern day industrialist who studied here at the University of Plymouth and then went on to become CEO of the great engineering firm Lockheed Martin UK. 

From a disadvantaged background himself, Stephen wants to inspire a generation of engineers and industry leaders who might not otherwise have considered university as a route to an engineering career.

Stephen’s vision is that the Project will help develop your imagination by alleviating your concerns around studying. By working with an industry mentor and through financial support, you can build a network of contacts and commit to your studies to then graduate with knowledge and experience. 

Stephen Ball, University of Plymouth almunus, BSc Engineering, former CEO of Lockheed Martin

What the Tamar Engineering Project means to me – Ajen Limbu

Help with funding is the difference between success and failure. The Tamar Engineering Project inspires me to work even harder and maintain a strong level of commitment to the course.

Read more about Ajen

Eligibility criteria

Applicants will be UK domiciled and will have accepted an offer as a firm choice to study an identified University of Plymouth engineering course, and meet any of the criteria below:

  • Have a family income below £25,000  
  • Live in a postcode area where there is low participation in higher education in young people and adults. Check your POLAR quintile here 
  • A Looked After Young Person (i.e. in foster care/care leaver)
  • A Carer. Do you care, unpaid, for a family member or friend?
  • Irreconcilably estranged from parents.