Graduate profile - Danny Saxby

"Having graduated from Plymouth with a BA Hons in History in 2013, it was such an easy decision to undertake the MA in History here. The University offered modules that reflected my keen interest in early modern history and the specific and detailed knowledge of the tutors ensured that each one massively contributed to my development.

In addition to this, the compulsory modules on key debates in history and public history offered the opportunity to develop how and in what way I wanted to study history. Filled with idealistic intentions I wanted to contribute to the debate started by Lucien Febvre in 'The Problem of Unbelief in the Sixteenth Century: The Religion of Rabelais' on the issue of 16th-century atheism, for my dissertation.

One of the first pieces I read on the subject commented that ideology far too often infiltrates the study of this topic… and it is ultimately down to the fantastic staff here who helped me move away from hopelessly searching for my ideological forebears and instead embarking on an historically grounded and massively interesting project on how the word ‘atheist’ was used as a term of abuse in the 16th-century. My supervisor’s advice has been invaluable and he has always been more than happy for me to pop in and discuss how and where I could take my research. 

In conducting my research I found that the internet resources that the University have are easy to use even for the most Luddite of us and they have plenty of computer rooms to choose from, including quiet rooms if I ever wanted to concentrate on trying to make sense of 16th century hand-writing!

I basically couldn’t recommend this place enough… if you are looking to enhance your knowledge of the different forms and functions of history whilst drawing upon staff expertise and a plethora of resources than look no further than University of Plymouth. My one regret is that I now have to fly the nest and get a job in the real world!"