Anish Rajendran - graduate profile

Anish Rajendran - MSc Computer and Information Security graduate

“University life was interesting, thanks to a wide range of subjects covered and friendly staff around to help at any point of time."

"I did my research on IT Security Compliance with Professor Steven Furnell, who to his credit did not have any time constraints amid his busy schedule of being the Head of School and his other University work commitments. Thanks to his association and my well received research I had the opportunity to enrich my knowledge further by attending the Intensive Program on Information Communication Security (IPICS 2011) held in Corfu, Greece. I am proud to say that I got a distinction for my research and published it in a Computer Fraud and Security journal with the help of Professor Furnell. 

After completion of my studies I immediately returned to India to look out for a job and I am glad that I was able to secure one, within a couple of months after my return, in my area of interest. 

I am currently working as a Senior Security Analyst in AXA Technologies Services, Bangalore, India, an AXA Group subsidiary.  

I am in a global security operation centre, given the responsibility of defending the entire AXA group across the globe from various threats and overseeing risk, security and compliance. 

Overall I am very happy that I could apply my knowledge that I gained over time during my period of study both at work and University, more importantly in the domain I grew my passion on.”