Thomas Ly - graduate profile

Information Security Correspondent, SGCIB, New York

"After working deeply in the huge field of IT, I chose to specialise my IT skills by taking one of the most topical subjects - Information Systems Security. The MSc was most helpful in giving me a global approach to the huge field of IT security. For my MSc project I explored the threat posed by hacking through internet search tools.

My job, with Societe Generale Corporate Investment Banking in New York, is to coordinate and manage the IT security within each IT Business Line.  As confidentiality is the key issue in an investment banking company, information security is one of the main topics that the IT department must address. All developers have to know the best practises when they develop an IT application. 

Managing the IT security for 3000 employees can be quite a challenge: people still don’t know the real risks involved in IT security."

Thomas previously studied at ESIEA (Ecole Superieure d’Informatique Electronique Automatique, France).