Babson College entrepreneurial experience

Hannah Fleming-Hill, who was awarded the opportunity to attend the entrepreneurship boot camp delivered by Babson College, shares her experience.

“It was an amazing opportunity that reinforced a lot of things I learnt during my studies.”

Hannah entered a competition open to students enrolled on the undergraduate and postgraduate entrepreneurship programmes at Plymouth University and was offered a fully funded five day boot camp entrepreneurial experience at Babson College, Boston, USA. This opportunity is available due to Plymouth Business School’s participation in the Babson Collaborative network.

Babson College founded in 1919 has become the world’s foremost entrepreneurship educator measured by start-up creation using the Entrepreneurial Thought and Action approach.

Hannah's reflections...

The application

My application was a 1,250 word essay on why I was a suitable candidate to take the course and how I would use the learning to benefit my academic development and future career plans. I was delighted to be successful! 

The Babson College campus is beautiful with phenomenal colonial style buildings set within huge green open spaces. There were sports areas to play tennis and basketball and each brick that was laid into the pathways had a name of a past graduate! The whole college environment made me feel motivated and inspired. 

Early impressions

We had a welcome and orientation meeting that first evening and over the next three days had intense lectures and tasks. My class was a small of mix of Indian, Mexican, Latin American, and British students. The lecturers were very knowledgeable with strong industry experiences which provided lots of interesting discussions – one of my lecturers had worked at Wall Street for 24 years and was a real character! 

It was full on from the start – during the first lecture we were asked to design and create a prototype of a mobile phone holder that could also house a wallet and could only use provided materials such as cardboard, felt tips and sellotape. 

Collaborative project

For the final exercise we were split into groups and asked to create a new business idea and to deliver a five-minute pitch for the following day. There were challenges such as language barriers, cultural differences and the short timeframe. My group delivered our pitch around a tech-based travel app – “The Travel Buddy”. 

We explained the concept, how we would fund and develop it as well this app would generate income. The panel and audience asked some really tough questions! Following the business pitches we had an award ceremony and were provided with a Babson College certificate of attendance. 

"I think The Babson College experience was an amazing opportunity that reinforced a lot of things I had learnt during my studies on the MSc Entrepreneurship programme and was one of the highlights of my studies."