Global Health module


This programme will introduce you to the concepts of global health at a policy and grass roots level. We will support you in exploring current global health challenges, and the importance of global health issues – their economic, environmental and social consequences – and the policies and strategies to mitigate these.

In our increasingly interconnected world, global health and the health of populations is a major challenge. This module provides you with the knowledge and expertise to critically examine the multi-sectoral nature of global health problems and global policy responses required to protect and promote the health of populations in both a local and global environment. 

<p>Global and Remote Healthcare<br></p>

</p><div>MSc Global and Remote Healthcare</div><p></p>

</p><div>MSc Global and Remote Healthcare</div>


…“There is a drought?"

How do we effectively communicate the current devastating spiral of the drought and famine in The Horn of Africa?

Dr Lucy Obolensky discussed the worst drought it has seen since 1945 in The Horn of Africa.