3D Design student projects

3D Maker 2017 Will Huggons lampshade Time & Tide

As a 3D Design student at the University of Plymouth you’ll build a portfolio with fresh projects starting every few weeks. You'll gain valuable industry experience when you engage with real clients on live projects (We’ve recently run projects with Vitra, John Lewis, Red Paddle, UPP, architects Willmore Iles and Herman Millar) and take part in national and international competitions. 

As you begin to shape your career path you'll work on design projects that deepen your understanding and experience and expand your skills and capabilities. You'll also set up your own exhibitions and build a portfolio of special interests, becoming proficient in design processes, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and communication methods. 

Develop your individual philosophy to design and create a strong portfolio.

<p>Designer Maker Chesney Wilkes 3D printed furniture<br></p>
<p>Gavin Keightley, Erosion Table, New Designers 100% Design shortlist<br></p>
<p>Leuan Davies Balloon Stool<br></p>
<p>Xingting ceramic vases Devon Guild prize <br></p>
<p>Designer Maker Ed Nell, geometry table<br></p>
<p>Piers Eason Kinetic Bends<br></p>
<p>Sarah Boot's glasses prototype 2</p>
<p>Designer Maker Joshua Milton armchair 1, Felder 2nd prize<br></p>
<p>James Moseley API Light RADO shortlist&nbsp;<br></p>

  • Main picture: Chesney Wilkes 3D printed furniture
  • Gavin Knightley, 'Erosion Table', shortlisted for for New Designers 100% Design
  • Leuan Davies 'Balloon Stool'
  • Xingting ceramic vases - Devon Guild prize 
  • Ed Nell's 'Geometry Table'

Using modern materials to preserve Letterpress

"Letterpress in kind of a beautiful process as it is. I cant change how it works, but it's how I could use modern technologies to augment it, to make it still viable."

3D Design student Matt used this project to explore the damage that occurs to printing type and how this could be counteracted by using modern materials and techniques.