BA (Hons) Education Studies - careers

Whether you want to teach or work in social or care contexts, BA (Hons) Education Studies will open up a flexible and varied career path.

During the course, we'll support you in completing an electronic Personal Development Plan (PDP). 

The university also runs an information literacy, personal and career development curriculum in core modules, which will help you develop and log your graduate skills and make informed decisions on postgraduate study/graduate employment.

Career opportunities and further study

Education studies is ideal preparation for a teaching qualification. It’s also highly valuable if you’re interested in pursuing other social and care professions, such as social care and social work, youth work and work in the early childhood sector.

Many graduates choose to further their studies and we offer a wide range of postgraduate programmes and expertise.

Typical career profiles

  • Child psychotherapist
  • Day care social worker
  • Early years teacher
  • Youth worker

Previous University of Plymouth graduates from this course are now employed in a variety of jobs, including: 

  • Care officer
  • Nursery nurse
  • Nursery assistant
  • Children’s supervisor
  • Teaching assistant
  • Support assistant
  • Assistant education manager
  • Lecturer
  • Special needs teaching assistant
  • Family support worker
  • Healthcare assistant
  • Play assistant
  • Pre-school manager
  • Community nursery nurse
  • Support staff coordinator
  • Higher level teaching assistant
  • Police inspector
  • Learning mentor.
Visit the University of Plymouth Careers website for more information on any of these areas, or call in to see the Careers & Employability Team in Gateway in the Roland Levinsky Building.

Relevant work experience 

Work experience demonstrates your commitment to, and awareness of, the realities of your career choice. We expect that graduates will gain work experience as well as a degree. The National Council for Work Experience provides general information on the benefits of this. 

Get work experience that reflects your interests and your subject. Your programme team will have links to local groups and the Student Union also has volunteering projects. Experience in schools is vital for future teachers.