Film & Television Production lecture series

We've invited a number of industry professionals to talk to you about their careers in film and television production

Andrew Thompson

In February, Andrew will be convening a development and pitching session with students for a production of an innovative television programme. 

In March, he will be talking about his experiences of television production ‘on the road’ and war reporting, referencing the three years he spent making 30 Newsnight films for the BBC in the former Yugoslavia. He will be looking at how mainstream media responded and evolved in its approach to war reporting, including the practicalities of coverage, such as filming safely, editing on the ground, getting reports back to the UK, and ‘telling the truth’ in terms of editorial integrity and independence. Andrew has also lectured on the BBC’s Editorial Values. He will be highlighting key editorial issues, and also touching on social media and the era of ‘fake news’.

Previous speakers

Brendan Miller

Brendan was the creator of BBC Three series Things Not To Say and has a lot of experience working with contributors. He now specialises in making content for online. He's spent a lot of time trying to work out what makes things work on social networks and how it's different to regular television. He's made films for the BBC, Financial Times and fact-checking charity, Full Fact. He's also worked on political comedies and dramas. 

In 2011 he was one of the Edinburgh TV Festival's Fast Track / Ones to Watch, and joined the Advisory Committee in 2013. He has spoken on a number of topics including innovation, reaching young audiences and social media (2014, 2016 Eurovision Academy Assembly; 2014 Calcutta Festival of the Spoken Word).

Kaz Rahman


The session began with a short introduction by artist film-maker Kaz Rahman, followed by a screening of his 2012 feature film Deccani Souls. After the screening, there was an opportunity to talk with Kaz about his work. Deccani Souls is a creative documentary, shot on location in Hyderabad and Bidar as well as in Canada, that combines the forms of 1960s European cinema with that of 1990s Iran, to explore time, memory, dreams and Islamic culture.

Still from film, Deccani Souls

Paul Dudbridge

Director/Director of Photography/Producer at Hanover Pictures. Author of new film book: Shooting Better Movies: The Student Filmmakers’ Guide. Paul is a British director, producer, cinematographer and educator, making feature films, television, commercials and music videos.

With over 20 years experience in the business, Paul has numerous film and television credits to his name. His first broadcast credits include producing and directing ITV's The Christmas Storybook, featuring legendary actor Joss Ackland, as well as directing music promos for MTV. His work as a cinematographer includes the action thriller By Any Name based on the best-selling book by Katherine John. As a producer and director, he helmed the science-fiction series Horizon, which went on to win a number of awards at international film festivals, as well as earning a Best Drama Director nomination at the Royal Television Society (WoE) awards in 2016.

Helen Williams

Helen has twenty years of working in the genres of ballet, contemporary, jazz, and musical theatre as both performer and choreographer with such companies as English National Ballet and Youth Music Theatre UK, and has a degree in Stage Management and Technical Theatre from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Raul Barcelona 

Raul Barcelona is an award-winning filmmaker, editor and digital artist with a background in Digital Filmmaking, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. He is recognised for bringing a wealth of historical and technical knowledge to the classroom and for contributing a wide range of technical skills and an efficient storytelling vision to every production.

Julian Smith

Julian's illustrious career in television ranges from Vision Mixer to Studio Director, to Assistant Producer, Producer and Director. He worked in Children's Television, and directed Top of the Pops and The Weakest Link.  He relaunched Big Brother on Channel 5 and created Pointless and The One Show for the BBC, as well as The Million Pound Drop for Channel 4.  He has two BAFTA nominations.

Simon Kimmell

Simon is an award-winning designer covering most broadcast genres.  Initially a BBC Staff Designer, he became a Freelancer and worked on Events and Series for all major TV Networks.  From large sets like the BBC's General Election set, to small scale discussions (BBC 2's The Midnight Hour), to Top of the Pops and Hanger 17, he has worked for directors and producers to huge acclaim.  

Jill Robinson

Jill has vast experience in television, from Researcher to Programme (Output and Series) Editor, Executive Editor to Head of Programming.  Her output varies in subject matter, style and approach from Long Form Documentary to Live TV Debates.  She has been commissioned to produce programming by the BBC, ITV, C4, C5, and was Executive Editor as production company Planet 24.

Geoff Byrne

Geoff is a veteran Newsroom Journalist who has seen the development of Broadcast News and Current Affairs from the age of 16mm Film, Paper Scripts and Autocue Rolls all the way through to Digital Servers, interactive running orders and Automation.  He has worked for the BBC, CNN and Sky Sports News, and has been working as Chief Writer on the BBC News Channel. 

Paul Appleby

Paul is a multiple award-winning professional who begain his media career as a film librarian and rose through the ranks of the BBC's renowned Natural History Unit from Researcher to Assistant Producer, Director to Producer, and then to Executive Producer.  His work ranges from The Really Wild Show to Blue Planet and the Saving Planet Earth project.