Making History from scratch…

One of the most exciting aspects of the Post-traumaticStress Disorder digital story-telling project is the leading role that our students, past and present have played not only in gathering raw data, but shaping from its outset the direction and questions the Project will ask. Ciaran translated his passion for military history and technical skills into the development of a database, including data-entry protocols. Together with Thomas E. Davies, Lucy de Groot, Elliot Clark, they populated the database to reach our target of 250 entries. This was time-consuming work that has enabled us to move to the next stage of this five year project. While the voluntary contribution of their time was commendable, most impressive was the ingenuity they showed, opening new and unexpected trajectories of enquiry, applying in the process research skills and scholarly judgement from their studies. Their contribution has helped to demonstrate the importance, timeliness, and above all, viability of this pilot project. 

Thomas E. Davies on his collaboration with the Project: 

‘History with Plymouth Uni has opened up many new and exciting opportunities…[including]…working with the [Britannia Royal] Naval College, allowing me to actively engage in new research from the beginning’

Project Co-Leader: Dr. Darren J. Aoki