Portfolio Advice

A portfolio is a great way to show us your creative skills, and can be made up of work completed on previous courses, or made within your own time. We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for creativity and enthusiasm. We want to know about how you think and the processes you go through when producing your work. It is your portfolio and we want to know about you.

What should be in my portfolio?

The ideal format for a portfolio is PDF containing links to any large files such as videos (which you will need to put online).

Your portfolio may contain examples of video or animation (please submit links), photographic or sound works, creative/script writing or interactive digital pieces, for example.

Please send in a careful selection of your work. We are looking for evidence of your creative ability and critical thinking, so show how you generated ideas, how you’ve developed projects, as well as your final outcomes. This could be in the form of initial sketches/plans, contact sheets, or storyboards; or you could simply explain your working process for each project, in text, next to the project.

If you are not sure if your portfolio fits what we are looking for, please send a draft for feedback to p.stancer-1@plymouth.ac.uk or show it to our staff in an informal interview, at our one of our applicant days.