BA (Hons) Music – student voice, Anandi Sala Casanova

"I chose University of Plymouth above other universities in the country because the course seemed very open minded, full of opportunities and perfect for self-discovery and further exploration within the world of music. Whilst some courses seemed to fall into stereotypes, this course appeared to offer a freedom of self-exploration within a diverse, nurturing environment which both worked on the student’s strengths and also introduced new, mind-opening concepts within music.

The best thing has been the positive learning environment created by the staff. They have all been very supportive throughout. This music BA course develops you as a well-rounded musician. While it gives a lot of room for individual expression, it also introduces you to many new, diverse ideas to think about and grow from. I have particularly enjoyed the whole university environment: The social aspects as well as the extracurricular activities. Thanks to some of these extra-curricular activities I have discovered my passion for conducting - I got engaged in orchestral and choral musical ensembles.

I think it is important to mention the University of Plymouth Professional Opportunities Scheme (PUPOS), which is unique to this music department. This scheme has given me a very realistic view and direct experience of the working world. To find employment in music, this type of experience makes a huge difference."