Networking laboratory
Our dedicated Cisco-equipped network laboratory houses more than 50 enterprise level network switches and routers and mirrors what the computer networking industry uses. Plus, we regularly refurbish it to ensure it's always up-to-date.

The networking laboratory is where you’ll do all your Cisco training and you’ll be given full access rights to control and configure not only the routers and switches but also all the PCs and server hardware. You can construct sophisticated networks and use our software to monitor and test them.

Besides the real equipment, the laboratory is set up to support network simulation with several different software packages. This allows you to go beyond the hardware available in the laboratory and construct systems with core routers and switches and even in some scenarios, connect real equipment to the simulated equipment.

The laboratory also hosts a variety of wireless and VoIP devices to enable you to build converged networks that support both traditional computer communication and multimedia streams.