Graduate profile - Daniel Julyan

"During my time studying at Plymouth, I found the course was really well structured throughout all years and really engaging. I chose this particular course because the placement possibilities are great with all staff willing to help promote and find placements. The knowledge and expertise in finding a placement and job were, and are, brilliant.

Student trips via the course or externally are well prepared and great fun. As for the course it has challenged me and kept pushing me through the years. I have been able to show my knowledge in a different variety of ways which has been very rewarding.

Most of the staff who teach the modules are former professionals from all different areas of the construction industry. Having worked in the industry they all have an incredible knowledge of the subject. Most lecturers also research different areas to improve the industry which again means they have great knowledge. The lecturers have great previous working relationships and invite people to come give guest lectures on topics we have learnt in more detail. All the lecturers are enthusiastic about their topics and are always willing to help or talk in more details about them (sometimes in their own time).

During my placement year with BAM Construction, I was given the chance to prove myself with the knowledge I gained in my first two years at university. The University gave me the chance to do this and felt like I was a working professional. Doing a placement year has taught me so much more and prepared me for the final year. My overall grades have increased from the knowledge I gained.

BAM has sponsored my final year, which has made living and life much easier, and they have also offered me a job when I finish the course, which is great."

Graduate profile - Daniel Julyan

At the current moment I have multiple job offers... If you enjoy challenges and an ever-changing environment then construction is right for you.

"Support from the University has always been good. The University offers a wide range of services that offer advice for any situation (for example, I have gone to the University looking for help with a landlord dispute). Lecturers are always happy to help and talk about the subject. They are also friendly and helpful with external problems too, offering support and advice.

With a small campus the entire University feels like a community. The University has great societies and clubs to join which are really well funded. The night life is really well organised and your guaranteed to have a great time.

At the current moment I have multiple job offers. I have been offered an Assistant Site Manager role with BAM construction. I have also been offered an Assistant Project Management Consultant job with Mace. I will consider both jobs in detail and looking into the prospects of promotion throughout my career. Once decided I will start to obtain my professional accreditation from the CIOB.

My advice to you on this course? Start coursework early, never be afraid to ask questions about the course or lectures and always keep thinking about ideas for your dissertation. Get yourself on a placement year and work hard, the knowledge and potential job prospects are worth it.

If you enjoy challenges and an ever changing-environment then construction is right for you."