Brigitte Varughese - current student

"I am a mathematics and statistics foundation year student. I chose to apply for this course at Plymouth because I wasn't sure what mathematics degree I wanted to do and the lecturers here have a passion – a passion to help every single student achieve their best. 

They really do everything to ensure that students have the best time preparing for any of the mathematical degrees. Whether you have or haven’t done A level Mathematics you are given a chance here at Plymouth. 

This course has helped me to accomplish a solid foundation in topics such as calculus which is essential to having a maths degree or a degree that requires strong mathematical skills. I now know what degree I want to do due to the insight of the different modules we have done.

The great thing about the University of Plymouth is that there’s a lot of help available for students who wish to study mathematics. There is a scheme known as PALS (peer-assisted learning scheme), it’s a study session set up by students for students, I personally like this scheme as it helped me to gain the confidence to ask for help and I can discuss ideas without feeling embarrassed. 

Aside from PALS there is also SUM:UP located in the University library, it’s a drop–in service and it’s open to anyone with mathematical-based problems.

During my time at the University my skills in independent research have expanded, for example, the coursework for all the modules require you to look beyond the work done in lectures, I like this because this is a huge aspect of personal development and is needed for any degree that you go onto. 

Thinking outside the box is the making of successful graduates – it may sound terrifying but at Plymouth you will be given guidance. Also with some modules, I have had to do coursework as part of a group, this was a perfect way to bond with people from my course and as a result, I made some great friends. 

I would definitely encourage students to apply for the BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics with foundation year course at Plymouth because the support here is endless and you will be in a friendly environment."