Opportunities to study modern languages
Language electives

Timetable permitting, all students can choose a language as an elective. Language electives are available in German, French, Spanish and Mandarin. Students should seek guidance from a member of the Languages Group to ensure they have selected the appropriate language module. We list below the proficiency requirements for our language electives:

Complete beginners or those who have achieved grades C, D, E at GCSE:  
FREX01 (French 1)
GERX01 (German 1)
SPNX01 (Spanish 1)
MANX001 (Mandarin 1)

University of Plymouth modules French 1/Spanish 1/German 1 or grades A and B at GCSE:
FREX02 (French 2)
SPNX02 (Spanish 2)
GERX02 (German 2)

University of Plymouth modules French 2/Spanish 2 or AS level (or equivalent):
FREX03 (French 3)
SPNX03 (Spanish 3)

University of Plymouth modules French 3/Spanish 3 or A level (or equivalent):
FREX400 (Advanced French 1)
SPNX400 (Advanced Spanish 1)

University of Plymouth modules Advanced French 1/Advanced Spanish 1 (or equivalent):
FREX500 (Advanced French 2)
SPNX500 (Advanced Spanish 2)

University of Plymouth modules Advanced French 2/ Advanced Spanish 2 (or equivalent):
FREX600 (Advanced French 3)
SPNX600 (Advanced Spanish 3)

For students who have spent time abroad in a French or Spanish speaking country:
FREX700 (Advanced French 4)
SPNX700 (Advanced Spanish 4)

Career opportunities 

The globalisation of trade has given rise to an increasingly competitive and complex job market where language skills are often a prerequisite to applying for a job, particularly in the tourism industry. Our language minors, with their strong practical elements, will develop both your linguistic and intercultural skills and fully equip you for the world of work. Not only are you provided with language skills but with insights into how intercultural awareness shapes international business, from dealing with suppliers to achieving service excellence. Research shows graduates with a sound knowledge of French or Spanish, together with experience of living abroad, are much in demand. 

Our graduates have pursued a wide variety of careers, ranging from teaching to sales and exports, from translation to IT. For those who have completed their first degree, there is also the opportunity to engage in further postgraduate study such as PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages, Master in Translation Studies, Masters in Business and Masters in International Relations.

Meet the Team

Programme Manager: Dr Danielle Bishop
German: Dr Jacquie Hope
French: Dr Danielle Bishop, Ms Sue Stacey, Mr Simon Bréus and Mr Charles Mansfield
Spanish: Dr Chelo de Andrés Martínez, Mr Philip Edwards, Ms Blanca Del Cerro-García and Ms Irene García Ruiz