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Course details

  • Year 1
  • Core modules
    • CORW119 Housing Policy and the Law

      This module examines the development of housing policy since the formation of the Welfare State to the current day. Introducing learners to the policy context, key legislation and structure of the legal system for housing. It establishes the policy framework; outlining the principal players in the policy setting arena. It asks learners to consider current and future policy trends for housing, implications for practice and regional and national variations and to consider the financial/budgetary implications of policy.

    • CORW121 Business and Finance for Housing

      This module introduces learners to the concept that housing providers are businesses like any other. It will examine the paradox between the social heart and business brain commonly faced by providers in the housing sector. Exploring the wider financial environment of housing organisations, concepts of affordability and subsidy, public and private finance.

    • CORW122 Housing Management Services and Technology

      This module explores the key functions of housing management services and how individuals access housing. Identifying the role that technology plays in delivering services, achieving better business benefits and value for money and the key factors influencing technological development. It will also consider the emerging technologies and how these will impact upon the supported housing sector.

    • CORW124 Professional Practice Skills for Housing and Reflective Practice

      This module requires learners to understand the skills required for the housing professional, assessing their own performance as well as planning their own professional development. Reflecting upon and evaluating professional practice this will be tailored by individual students to their own field.

  • Year 2
  • Core modules
    • CORW127 Housing, the Customer and Equality

      This module outlines the importance that real customer involvement and customer service have with shaping housing and how they can influence a housing organisation¿s success or failure. Learners also gain an understanding of equality issues relating to housing, critically examining strategies and polices that aim to support equality processes in housing organisations.

    • CORW130 Housing Need, Demand and Supply

      This module requires learners to understand the broader social context in which housing is provided. It looks at the relationship between demography and housing need, demand and supply of housing, UK stock profile and tenure differences. It also introduces learners to issues relating to social exclusion, promoting inclusion and a wider diversity agenda for housing.

    • CORW206 Research Methods and Work-Based Research Project

      This module will introduce students to research methods, including: understanding the role and purpose of research; commissioning or carrying out research; designing research questions, strategies and proposal writing; understanding research methodologies and data analysis; understanding the ethics of research; applying the results. This module links directly with and is preparation for carrying out the research in year 3.

    • CORW211 Developing Strategies and Services

      This module will equip students with the skills and knowledge to be able to develop the types of strategies and services required by housing with support organisations to meet the needs of service users, the organisation and other stakeholders; that comply with external policy, regulatory or legislative requirements and are developed within a framework of customer care.

  • Final year
  • Core modules
    • CORW212 Organisational Behaviour and Performance Management

      A wide diversity of organisations provides housing related support. These behave in different ways and this module explores their cultures and characteristics, how their behaviour affects performance and how it can be managed and changed and the various ways in which performance can be measured and managed.

    • CORW213 International Perspectives on Housing

      In this module students will consider different international perspectives by looking at the variety of policy responses, cultural differences, structures and systems, and services.

    • CORW217 Work-Based Research Project

      To conduct a piece of work-based research into an issue relevant to the programme content under the supervision of a member of staff and a work-based mentor based upon the proposals presented for assessment as part of CORW206 Research Methods and Work-Based Research Proposal module.

    • CORW218 Current Practice Issues in Housing

      This module will enable students to draw upon all their learning to produce an overall evaluation of the impacts of policy and practice and to identify the issues that have emerged.

The modules shown for this course are those currently being studied by our students, or are proposed new modules. Please note that programme structures and individual modules are subject to amendment from time to time as part of the University’s curriculum enrichment programme and in line with changes in the University’s policies and requirements.

Fees, costs and funding

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