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FdSc Agricultural Management

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Course details

  • Year 1
  • Core modules
    • BRID1118 Agricultural Finance

      This module will show the different sources of capital available to an agri-food business. It will also take students through the preparation of cash analysis, accounts, trading accounts and balance sheets. Students will create partial budgets and use them as a tool to aid enterprise changes.

    • BRID1119 Agricultural Technology

      This module will encompass the latest technologies in the fields of agricultural machinery and building design. It will develop students' understanding of the machinery requirements and machinery management of crop production, to enable them to make sound judgments when managing crops. This module will examine the factors to be considered when determining the buildings and equipment needed for livestock and crops.

    • BRID1130 Forage Crop Production Systems

      This module will enable students to reflect on the quality standards and the production of grass and alternative forage crops. Beginning with the recognition of soil types and structures the module will also give the students the opportunity to examine sustainable crop rotations.

  • Year 2
  • Core modules
    • BRID1122 Agricultural Budgeting

      This module will take students through the main budgets which are needed in the management of a farm business. The students will develop plans utilising their knowledge of livestock, crops, finance, marketing, labour, and machinery.

    • BRID1123 Animal Health and Food Safety

      This module will develop students' understanding of animal health and enable them to make sound judgments when managing livestock units. Students will learn to identify diseases in livestock and formulate farm health plans. This module also allows the student to gain an understanding of the basic principles of food safety and how to control the risks associated with producing food from 'farm to fork'

    • BRID1131 Animal Production Systems

      This unit will firstly enable students to summarise and compare the diverse range of current livestock production systems within the UK. Secondly, students will be able to select a livestock system for a given situation, identifying the role of emerging technologies and the need to meet the demands of evolving markets.

  • Year 3
  • Core modules
    • BRID2214 Dairy Herd Management

      This module will provide students with an understanding of the applications of dairy cow breeding and nutrition in the commercial environment. It will examine in detail current breeding practices at commercial units including Rodway Farm and predict their likely results. Students will have full access to industrial specialists involved with animal nutrition and be able to formulate rations of their own under guidance.

    • BRID2225 Business Analysis

      Analysing the performance of a farm business is a complex process for which many farmers use a consultant. This module enables the student to analyse the business, and to prepare a plan for the business for the next 5 years. This is a practical module using accounts from farms in the county and providing feedback to those farmers.

    • BRID2226 Crop Management and Sustainable Processes

      Sustainable cropping and soil management are two of the major themes for his unit. This module will allow the students to acquire the knowledge to select, grow, harvest and market a range of arable crops, including the selection and use of the machinery required for them. It will also cover aspects of organic food production.

  • Final year
  • Core modules
    • BRID2215 Meat and Livestock Management

      This module will allow the student to critically assess the factors affecting the efficiency of meat production and profitability of a variety of livestock systems.

    • BRID2216 Agriculture, the Environment and the Law

      This module examines the effects of agriculture on the environment, and the legislation with which agriculture must comply. It looks at the major inputs into agriculture and actions which can be taken to minimise their impact on the environment.

    • BRID2217 Personal and Professional Development

      This module is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop themselves in terms of their personal and employability skills. The module will also develop a student's skills to research a topic of their choice and analyse the information found.

The modules shown for this course are those currently being studied by our students, or are proposed new modules. Please note that programme structures and individual modules are subject to amendment from time to time as part of the University’s curriculum enrichment programme and in line with changes in the University’s policies and requirements.

Fees, costs and funding

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How to apply

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