FdSc Human Biosciences

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Course details

  • Year 1
  • Core modules
    • HB101 Foundation In Biochemistry

      This module examines, at the molecular level, the essential features of living organisms starting with the chemical and biological properties of biological molecules and the assembly of supra-molecular biological structures. The catalysis and control of biochemical reactions are dealt with as are some energy transduction systems. Finally, the Central Dogma of molecular biology is discussed along with the biochemistry of genetic information flow and repair.

    • HB102 Microbiology

      This module provides an opportunity to extend knowledge of basic microbiology, with an emphasis on the background and practice of laboratory techniques.

    • HB106 Introduction to Statistics

      This module applies previously learned mathematical skills within a scientific context as well as building on these skills to allow students to apply statistics to testing scientific data.

    • HB110B Developing Graduate Skills

      This module is designed to enable students to demonstrate that they have all the qualities and transferable skills necessary for appropriate academic work and employment requiring the exercise of responsibility and decision making, including the ability to relate their professional practice to underlying theory and principles.

    • HB112 Introduction to Anatomy

      This module introduces the student to the fundamentals of anatomy and histology, underpinning the physiology module in the second year. Students explore current and future research into a range of prostheses, including dentures, hearing aids, artificial eyes and even gastric bands. Tissue engineering research and its current abilities and failings will be discussed.

  • Year 2
  • Core modules
    • HB107 Human Life Cycle

      This module traces the biological changes and processes involved in the human life cycle including reproduction, development and ageing.

    • HB108 Genes, Organisms and Populations

      The module considers several aspects of genetics to give a coherent approach. It will develop an understanding of variation at gene, individual and population level.

    • HB209 Biochemistry: Molecules, cells and the body

      The module illustrates how the complex collection of chemical reactions required for human life is co-ordinated on a range of levels: control of pathways; compartmentation of metabolic processes between organelles and between tissues and the sharing of metabolic load between tissues.

    • HB212 Immunology and Cell Biology

      This module covers the basic structures and functions of eukaryotic cells together with the principles.

The modules shown for this course are those currently being studied by our students, or are proposed new modules. Please note that programme structures and individual modules are subject to amendment from time to time as part of the University’s curriculum enrichment programme and in line with changes in the University’s policies and requirements.

Fees, costs and funding

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How to apply

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