Coming to Plymouth on the Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ is an EU (European Union) programme dedicated to student exchange. If you are currently studying with one of our Erasmus+ partner institutions you may be eligible to apply for an exchange with the University of Plymouth. 

We've put together some guidance on eligibility and how to apply. If you are interested in coming to Plymouth on an exchange your first point of contact should be the office responsible for overseas exchange at your home university.


To be eligible for an Erasmus+ exchange with University of Plymouth you must be a registered student at one of our Erasmus+ partner universities.

If you are not a registered student at one of our Erasmus+ partner universities then we are unable to accept you on the Erasmus programme. We cannot create an agreement based on student request. Instead, you may wish to come to University of Plymouth through a Bilateral exchange agreement or as a fee-paying student (free mover).

Nomination process

Your home university will select and nominate students to study at University of Plymouth according to the Erasmus agreement held between our institutions. Once this selection process has taken place, your home university will contact us with these details. On acceptance of these nomination details, students will be contacted with details about how to apply to the programme. For you to apply for the Erasmus+ programme you must have been nominated by your home university.

How do I apply?

For you to apply for an Erasmus+ exchange with University of Plymouth, you must have done the following:

  • Be nominated by your home university.
  • Make sure you are aware of our application deadlines and familiarise yourself with University of Plymouth's academic calendar. Applications must reach us before the 31 May
  • If you are not a British or European national, you will need a visa to study in the UK and must consider which one best meets your needs. The visa type will depend on the length of your study and what you wish to do while you are here.
  • Consider your module choices. If you are unsure, please speak to your Erasmus coordinator at your home university.

Once your application has been completed, providing it has been received before our deadline, we will begin processing it. Please be patient as we process your application. It can take some time, especially if you have applied close to the deadline. You should expect to hear from us within one month of the application deadline date.