Erasmus+ exchange partners

Erasmus+ is an EU (European Union) programme dedicated to student exchange. The University of Plymouth has exchange agreements with the following partners benefiting University of Plymouth and partner University students who opt to take part in an exchange. 

We have agreements with the following partners:

<p>Austria and belgium2</p>

Croatia and czech flag 4<br></p>
<p>finland and france flags 2</p>

Faculty of Arts and Humanities



Art History


AV Techniques

Digital Art and Technology


3D Design

Industrial Design


Pre-school teaching

Social Pedagogy

Early Childhood Studies

Teacher training

<p>germany and greece flags 2</p>
<p>hungary and iceland flags 2</p>
<p>ireland and italy flags 2</p>

Faculty of Business


International Business


<p>latvia and malta flags 2</p>
<p>netherlands and norway flags 2</p>
<p>poland and portugal flags 2</p>

Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

<p>romania and slovakia flags 2</p>
<p>slovenia and spain flags 2</p>
<p>sweden and turkey flags 2</p>

Faculty of Science and Engineering

We may not be able to offer exchange opportunities in all of the above listed places.

Please check current availability with Plymouth Global at