Music - exchange modules

Find your groove. Joining our BA (Hons) Music course will allow you to explore music from different cultures and traditions and help you to create your place in today’s rapidly changing musical landscape.

Join us in the second year of our degree course for a full year exchange. As a prerequisite to joining us you must have musical experience plus grade 5 theory.

Listed below are our core modules, for further information on the course and optional modules take a look at the BA (Hons) Music course page.

Second year core modules

All modules are 20 credits

Semester one:
  • MUS501 - Performance 2 this module includes 1:1 instrumental tuition
  • MUS508  - Psychology of Music
  • MUS506  - Aesthetics and Analysis
Semester two:
  • MUS509 - Independent Study
  • MUS503 - Composition
  • MUS507 - Music Technology 2