Felipe Do Vale Bastos - BA (Hons) International Management

Why did you choose Plymouth?
I have always had a dream of studying abroad. Thus, I found out that my university in Brazil had a partnership with Plymouth. After seeing that Plymouth is a very serious and recognised university, I decided to have this great experience.

What do you enjoy about studying at Plymouth?
The environment is pretty good. The University has great facilities, such as a great library, classrooms, cafes, Student Union, which makes the experience even better. In addition, I have been learning a lot with lectures and materials provided for the students.

How do you find living in Plymouth?
I really enjoy living here. The city is a good size with many options such as stores, restaurants, bars, and places for leisure. 

How is living in the UK different to living at home?
The culture and climate is completely different. However, I have adapted very well to these differences.