Biomedical Research Group


Our research is aimed at understanding the molecular and cellular processes underlying human health and disease with a key aim to translate this research into diagnostic and therapeutic applications. 

Investment in state-of-the-art genomic and proteomic technologies has allowed a systems-led approach to explore the interacting networks of genes, molecules and cells underpinning disease processes. 

Our research in Diagnostics utilises interdisciplinary approaches to identify novel molecular disease markers and therapies. The major research themes are:

Professor Bob Fern, Lead


Mat Upton and collaborators have just set up a company, Amprologix, to take their candidate novel antibiotics from the laboratory to the clinic. They hope to be in phase one trials in the next two years.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity partnership with Sparks has awarded Sylwia Ammoun £112k to support her work on finding drug targets for brain tumours

Professor Simon Jackson's group have just set up a company, MolEndoTech, to develop their invention of a simple and cheap test for faecal contamination of bathing water.

Claudia Barros has just been awarded £163,000 from the UK charity Brain Research UK to translate her work on molecular processes underlying brain tumour development using fruit fly brains into patient-derived cancer stem cells. 

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