Geography research seminars

Geography research seminar programme Spring 2018:


Wednesday, 7 February 2018, 1pm

Ocean, climate and vegetation dynamics in the eastern equatorial Atlantic

Speaker: Dr Rachael Lem, Plymouth University

Venue: Babbage, Lecture Theatre 006


Wednesday 14 February 2018, 5pm

The ice age in tropical Africa: new results from deep lake drilling

Speaker: Professor Philip Barker, Lancaster University

Venue: Portland Square, Devonport Lecture Theatre

Wednesday 21 February 2018, 1pm

Territory, geoeconomics and power politics: the Irish government’s framing of Brexit

Speaker: Dr Patrick Holden, Plymouth University

Venue: Rolle, room 211

Wednesday 28 February 2018, 1pm   

Changing dispositions: on the rhythms of academic working and the geographies of subjectivities (Sabbatical report).

Speaker: Dr Paul Simpson, Plymouth University

Venue: Rolle, 210

Wednesday 7 March 2018, 1pm

Families living with urban change: entangled narratives of loss and death

Speaker: Dr Sophie Hadfield-Hill, Birmingham University

Venue: Rolle, 210

Wednesday 14 March 2018, 1pm

UAV Photogrammetry: image quality matters           

Speaker: Dr Mike Smith, RGS-IBG

Venue: Rolle, 211

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