Methodological Innovations

The Methodological Innovations (MI) Research Group is focused on supporting and improving the understanding and application of contemporary approaches to the research of the social world. It draws upon techniques/methods used across the health and medical professionals, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. The membership has extensive discipline specific and inter-disciplinary researchers. In addition, there is established pedagogical expertise in supporting undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that further supports the next generation of discipline specific and inter-disciplinary research/researchers.

There are a number of cluster groups within MI and they include:


Auto/biography recognises the relationship substantively and methodologically between the self and other. Auto/biography was formed in 2012/13 and meets at least three times a year as half day conferences, paper sessions and research seminars with a combination of internal and external speakers. Focused themed activities include respondent- researcher relationships, organizations, power and emotion, families, relationships, and memories, autobiography and ethics. The cluster has been a consistent presence at the last four Methodological Innovation conferences and has a dedicated conference stream. It draws upon an inter-disciplinary staff from across the university with significance presence from health, arts, education, medical school and business.

Participatory Action Research

Initially formed in 2014/15, the Participatory Research Cluster Forum is a group led research active staff in the Institute of Education and focuses on innovations in participatory research with focused areas including children and families, community and international development, health, social sciences and educational research.

Methodological Innovations Research Group Staff