Global Bridges: lung health prevention and awareness

A project to develop awareness of lung health and promote practices to prevent lung disease in rural Uganda. The group will train community health workers (CHWs), create educational materials and utilise technology. Results and knowledge learned from the project will be shared in an effort to build capacity for stop smoking interventions in other low and middle income countries (LMICs). The IPCRG also plans to contribute data from the project to the body of evidence on the effectiveness of such interventions in LMICs.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Develop a cascading and sustainable ‘train the trainers’ module that will be used to train Masindi district community health workers (CHWs) and health care workers in improving lung health.
  • Create with CHWs educational materials that they can use with their local communities. 
  • Train CHWs and health care workers in supporting people to stop using tobacco through interventions that are adapted to the local cultural and economic conditions and are feasible to implement in the context of Masindi District. 
  • Provide on-going support to CHWs using mobile telephone technology.
  • Integrate these activities into a larger IPCRG supported programme to improve lung health.
  • Identify and share the learning from the project using the Global Bridges network and the IPCRG knowledge platform in order to build capacity for interventions that facilitate stopping tobacco use in other low and middle income countries (LMICs).
  • Contribute to developing the evidence-base on effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions to facilitate stopping tobacco use in LMICs.

Project status update

We have exceeded our ambitions. The first training (TOT) had a target of training 10 health workers but trained 12. The second training had a target of training 50 health workers but trained 47. We aimed to train 50 village health teams, but will now train 600 to cover all 322 villages in Masindi District.

We have developed knowledge questionnaires and training materials.

The future

The training materials developed have been approved by the Ministry of Health and will be available for other areas and other projects. The VHTs will do a survey of houses in every village and report back to the District Medical Officer.

Wider communications are being developed, including radio adverts.


Stakeholder interviews for the design and implementation of a project on lung health education programme with assessment of outcomes using M health.

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Preventing Lung Disease in Rural Uganda – A Train the Trainer Programme

“I think the most important thing is that they should be owner of their problem and understand their problem, awareness and look for a solution and we will help them.” – Dr Frederik van Gemert

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Funding Organisations

  • ? Harvard University – $100,000