Professional Theory and Practice

Educational researchers have the potential to be agents of change. Professional Theory and Practice is focused on developing inclusive, socially-just and innovative pedagogical approaches to learning and associated professional practice across the life-course. The distinguishing feature of this research cluster is a commitment to furthering social justice in education through a programme of robust scholarly research that has practical application for local and national policy-makers, educational leaders, managers and professional practitioners. We use fit-for-purpose research methodologies, vitally linked to research ethics, so that we may monitor and analyse incidental changes that have bearing upon learning and equity, and undertake systematic development and evaluation of deliberate, innovative and transformative educational interventions.

At Plymouth University we are ideally placed to fulfil the potential of educational research and inform the changing needs of educational practice. Equitable change requires full recognition of more than just one right way. We are not locked into old divisions between disciplines, research methodologies, practitioners and researchers or educational sectors. Our work incorporates a wide range of intervention studies, mixed methods and action research that enables the development of professional and applied educational knowledge.

Cluster lead: Linda La Velle