Social psychology research

Stemming from research on behaviour, cognition, and the brain, we are interested in how a number of psychological processes contribute to the formation, manifestation, and development of social relations and behaviour, from social perception and construal to individual and group action.

We investigate social and self construal; stereotyping and prejudice; morality; emotions; group relations and intergroup contact; ideology and political orientation; social exclusion; thought control, behaviour change; social motor cognition; embodied social action.

We approach these issues from different angles and with a variety of techniques, which include social contact, self reports, experimental observation, conversation analysis, priming, learning and memory, neurophysiological measures.

Members of the group collaborate with colleagues from the Faculty of Education and Health and the Plymouth Business School, and are involved in various projects in the local community.

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Social psychology seminars

The social psychology group runs a series of interdisciplinary seminars to discuss key topics in social, applied, health psychology and sociology. Attendance is open to anyone interested.

All seminars take place on Tuesdays at 11:00 in the Link building, room 106.

Seminars will resume in the next academic session.