Plymouth Institute of Education transcript enclosures – Academic Year 2017/18

How will I get my results

  • Provisional results are available throughout the year and can be viewed online on the Statement of Results (SoR) which now serves as an e-transcript.
  • Provisional marks are normally available 20 working days after the assessment deadline.
    - Please contact the module lead / your partner institution if they are not available after this time.
    - Please note provisional results may also be available on your partner institution’s own site.
  • The SoR is an online tool that is available to currently enrolled students all year. It shows:
    - All the modules you are enrolled on this year.
    - Any assessment results that have been recorded.
    - Results displayed with a P indicate that your results are provisional and are subject to confirmation by the next Subject Assessment Panel.
    - The status of marks on the Statement of Results will change from provisional to confirmed on the results publication date.
    - Once results are confirmed they will change to a C. Confirmed results will show the module decision code where reassessment is required. Read our guidance notes for an explanation of the codes used during the Summer and Referred Award Boards.
    - You will receive a paper copy of your individual transcript by post when you have completed your studies. This will show your overall results, together with individual module marks and grades. With your printed transcript will be a brief summary of important information relating to your end of year results.

How can I access my statement of results?

The Statement of Results is available to current students from the MyEdesk tab on the student portal or from the Tools and Resources Tab on the DLE. 

Additional information 

  • Appeals must be submitted by the deadline given with your transcript of results – normally 10 working days after the publication of results. Please remember that it is your responsibility to make sure you meet these deadlines.
    UPSU (Advice) are available to give support with submitting an appeal if required. 
  • Contact your faculty office / partner institution immediately if, after reading the information sent to you with your transcript,t there is anything you are unsure about, or if you think that an error has occurred with the transcription of your marks. 
  • Need to retake part or all of a module? Don't worry, we've compiled some helpful on-line information on reassessment, referral and repeat procedures to help give some clarity to your situation.