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University Experience Event

Looking to bridge the gap between A level and University study for your students? Book a visit to us for an authentic university experience.

Bring your students to us for a morning or afternoon to experience learning in a university environment. There are several options available:

  • Your students attend a lecture alongside our current undergraduate students. Following the lecture, your students will become a seminar group to continue their exploration of a relevant text. This group, led by a member of our staff, will spend 1-1.5 hours discussing, reading, and writing about the same text or topic in a collaborative learning environment. 
  • Your students come in for one to two workshops (usually English literature and creative writing or English literature and history). Led by members of our staff, these workshops are designed to promote engagement with a relevant text and/or topic through collaborative learning. We will discuss, analyse, close-read, debate, and more.
  • Specially tailored workshops and lectures are sometimes possible. Please do contact us to discuss available options.

Wherever possible, options 1 and 2 are chosen to synchronise with the texts or time periods your students are studying on their A level or GCSE syllabus. This means your students benefit from content relevant to their current exams while gaining first-hand experience of what it is like to study on our degree programme. Subject areas available include: Shakespeare, Austen, Romanticism, the Victorians, war writing, creative writing, and more. Refreshments, a campus tour, and a chance to speak with our student mentors will be provided.

Duration: 3-4 hours
Location: University Campus
Maximum student numbers: 25
Restrictions: Limited to 1-2 UE events per school per year; subject area options dependent upon staff availability.

For more information or to discuss setting up an event, please contact Dr Briony Frost

Example programmes

Thinking about English at University? (School talk)

Trying to encourage your students to apply for university? Seeking to raise aspirations? Hoping to promote the value of arts and humanities as pathways to career success? Invite us in to give a talk on studying English in higher education. A member of staff and two Schools Liaison representatives from our current student body will visit your school to provide insights into what to expect from an English degree, the opportunities offered by the University of Plymouth’s English programme, and where your degree can take you after graduation. A Q&A session is available at the end.

Duration: 1 hour
Location: Host School
Maximum student numbers: N/A
Restrictions: Limited to one per school per year. Can be combined with a School Workshop and Student Mentoring.
Contact: Dr Briony Frost

School Workshop

Want your students to experience degree teaching within a familiar setting? Short of funds to travel to visit us? Book us to join you for a workshop! A member of staff and two student mentors will pay a visit to your school to provide a university-style workshop on a text or topic related to your syllabus. Your students will gain valuable knowledge relevant to their current exams while simultaneously getting a feel for what it is like to learn as part of a research-community. Subject areas available include: Shakespeare, Austen, Romanticism, the Victorians, war writing, creative writing, and more. 

Duration: 2-5 hours
Location: Host school
Maximum student numbers: 25 per workshop
Restrictions: Limited to 1-2 per school per year. Can be combined with a School Talk and Student Mentoring.
Contact: Dr Briony Frost 

Example programme

Student Mentorship Scheme

Would your students benefit from help making the decision to come to uni? Are you trying to raise aspirations? Join our mentorship scheme! Your students will be allocated a dedicated Schools Liaison Representative who will be available digitally to:

  • answer questions about doing an English degree
  • offer guidance on applications to university
  • English options at the University of Plymouth
  • work-placement opportunities at the University of Plymouth
  • supervise and support final year projects/coursework
Contact: Dr Briony Frost

Combinations of the above options are also available. Please contact Dr Briony Frost for details.

Reading Group

Want to inspire your students to learn for the sake of learning? Looking for extra sources of stimulation and support for your keenest students? Encourage them to join our Reading Group. Individual students are invited to attend a biweekly online reading group. Our team of dedicated English postgraduate students will recommend and take recommendations for books to read and discuss together. Explore an exciting and diverse range of texts. Meet other interested students from local schools. Participate in an informal online seminar to share your knowledge, ideas, and enthusiasm, while getting a taste of what it’s like to be a part of a research and learning community. Blog and live-Twitter feed available. 

Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Location: online
Contact: Abbie Pink - abbie.pink@students.plymouth.ac.uk or Robina McGowan - robina.mcgowan@students.plymouth.ac.uk.