History resources

Delve into history

Exploring history with University of Plymouth opens up a wide range of resources to you. With access to our extensive library and a wealth of electronic resources, you’ll find very little need to purchase any texts of your own during the course.

Besides a digital database of thousands of academic articles and a broad collection of books in the library, you’ll also benefit from the University’s subscriptions to key primary sources. Boost your research project with unlimited access to quality resources such as the complete The Times newspaper archive (1785–1985) or Empire online documents.

Connect with the community

You’ll have the opportunity to plan and organise your own projects to share with the public. The student-produced History/Art History Student Magazine allows you to publicly publish your work, while our Heritage module gives you an opportunity to work with historical organisations to put your skills to use in the local community: curating exhibitions, conducting tours or working to preserve and catalogue historical texts.

Network with the best

By studying history with University of Plymouth, you’ll be joining a wider community of scholars and historical enthusiasts based in the history department. 

Our research seminars highlight the quality historical research the University is engaging in, while our public lecture series – convened jointly with the city’s Historical Association branch – gives you access to some of the best and brightest historians in the world. Recent speakers have included Professor Anne Curry (University of Southampton), Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch (University of Oxford) and Professor David Garrow (University of Cambridge).