Plymouth Charity Lab

Welcome to the Plymouth Charity Lab

We assist researchers to carry out excellent research to advance our scientific understanding of sustainable philanthropy.

The research topics being conducted span a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • philanthropic psychology
  • marketing
  • system-dynamics
  • simulation-based entrepreneurship education. 

Take part in our research

We are always looking for individuals interested in participating in our studies. Most studies pay at the rate of £4 per half hour (or part thereof) and take place either in-person or online. Enrolment is open to Plymouth University students and the general public.

Conducting research in the lab

All Faculty of Business academic staffs and PhD students are welcome to conduct research in the lab. We are assisting researchers to collect quality data as efficiently as possible. Please download the researcher guidebook to explore how to use the lab. 

Plymouth Charity Lab – contact us

Lab facilities are located in Plymouth Business School, Cookworthy Building, 5th floor, Computer Lab Area, Room 513/514/515.