The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance is an international network that enables nonprofits around the world to be stronger and more effective. It uses global knowledge to meet local needs; helping nonprofits find the money, the people and the skills they need to create the change they want to see. 

The Resource Alliance runs two leading fundraising conferences: the International Fundraising Congress every October in the Netherlands; and the International Workshop on Resource Mobilisation, held at different locations throughout the Global South. The organisation also hosts the free  virtual conference Fundraising Online.

Other initiatives run by The Resource Alliance include the Future Leaders Programme and the Global Awards for Fundraising.

The Resource Alliance and Rogare entered into a two-year research collaboration on 1 April 2015. This will support Rogare's Tomorrow's Philanthropy project – which will explore how various types of social action such as venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurism complement traditional philanthropy. 

As part of the collaboration, The Resource Alliance's chief executive Kyla Shawyer has taken up posts on both Rogare's Advisory Panel and the board of the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy. She is joined in the Advisory Panel by Laura Boulton, conference and strategy director.

The collaboration also sees Resource Alliance supporting Rogare to internationalise the Advisory Panel.