Daniel Hutchings - BA (Hons) Marketing
“For me, the Marketing Internship with the Languages Café has been an invaluable experience.  Helping to facilitate international students’ integration into English university life was something I gained great satisfaction from.  International students really value having a native speaker to encourage, support and advise them on all aspects of life in England and their appreciation fed my enthusiasm for the project.  It has also been hugely beneficial in terms of career development and has inspired me to complete an English language teaching qualification after graduation.  I now have my sights set on undertaking an English teaching placement abroad in a faraway land, post University, with Asia very much on the agenda. 

This internship enhanced my communication skills and developed my team working and management skills. The project has also brought out the inner extrovert within me!  I have really enjoyed welcoming and getting to know everyone who attends the sessions, in addition to promoting the Languages Café through events such as Fresher’s Week and the Chinese Cultural Experience Day.  Running a quiz night for nearly 50 people is definitely the type of activity I would have avoided in the past, but I embraced the challenge and really enjoyed the whole experience.

This role has also taught me the importance of networking.  Getting to know people, making them feel welcome and helping them make new friends have been key factors in encouraging the high attendance figures that were achieved.  It all comes down to the idea of community and people genuinely believing in the project.  From a marketing perspective, networking has allowed me to reach platforms which otherwise may have been difficult to target, such as Chinese social media sites and societies.  This was particularly beneficial in achieving greater coverage and awareness.

Finally, the Languages Café internship and community has enhanced my university experience in a way I didn’t think possible. I have made some great friends who I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life and I have gained invaluable awareness of a range of cultures, something which is increasingly important in today’s globalised world.”

Daniel Hutchings - BA (Hons) Marketing, Final Year