Menghan Ma
"My internship within the aquarium has already helped me to develop my employability as well as myself as an individual and I would fully recommend the experience to anyone who has the opportunity to do so.

So far, we have started two Facebook competitions to promote the events that Aquarium has planned. One is for VIP day and another is for our new membership.  We have put efforts into idea creation and communication with designers, after making an agreement with our manager.  What I have learnt through it is the importance of team work.  When we were thinking of the design idea, both me and my colleague would miss some details on our posters.  Only we talk to and remind each other what we have missed, then it is possible to complete it without any omission. Additionally, I learnt how to communicate using email in a professional way.  For example, it is really necessary to introduce yourself at first when sending emails to those you are unfamiliar with.  The thing I need to keep in mind is, as a business person, I have to make everything really clear and ensure the business projects run efficiently.  
I think the internship experience at National Marine Aquarium definitely will empower me to settle in any new roles and learn any new skills quickly. It is a really essential ability for a business person as well as a student.  As I am a marketing intern, I can acquire loads of insights in this particular field where I am going to start my career.  It is a valuable opportunity I cherish a lot.  Moreover, the skills and knowledge I gain here will also help on my academic study, because I intend to undertake a master’s degree in marketing next year."

Menghan Ma - BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance - Final Year