Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship

We are witnessing a substantial growth of entrepreneurial activities among immigrant communities in most developed economies. Ethnic minority owned businesses play a crucial economic and social role in the private sector. According to the Government figures, there are approximately 300,000 ethnic minority owned businesses in the UK which contribute to an estimated £20 billion annually to the UK economy (Ram and Jones, 2008). The excessive propensity among entrepreneurial immigrant communities across the world alongside the uniqueness of their challenges under different regulatory regimes provides impetus for the development of cross-national comparative studies in this area. 

Research in this area at the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre is lead by Dr Naveed Yasin who focusses on exploring immigrant entrepreneurship in new geographical territories with a cross-national comparative focus. His PhD focussed on cross-nationally investigating the business start-up experiences among the immigrant Pakistani community in the ethnic enclaves of the UK, Denmark and Norway.

Dr Naveed Yasin’s most recent work in this area focusses on distinguishing the changing nature of immigrant entrepreneurship within ethnic enclaves in a cross-national comparative perspective.