How we have worked with clients

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development at Livewell Southwest

Livewell Southwest (SW) is the largest health social enterprise in the UK, with a turnover of close to 100 million pounds. It is constituted as a Community Interest Company (CIC) and operates across Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

Last year we co-designed and rolled out a unique Enterprise Leadership programme, at this largest UK Health Social Enterprise. The aim was to expand and build on the enterprise and innovation culture that is growing here. Sponsored by the Board, our job with delegates was to generate new ideas, innovations, working practices and commercial propositions, to support Livewell’s future growth and development.

Impact with clients
We achieved great success, results and feedback from all involved.
30 business propositions were created during the programme and presented to the Executive Board for consideration and feedback. To date practically every ‘business case for change’ have been taken further within Livewell Southwest.

Business cases for change
Broadly, these business proposals were intended to:

  • Improve health services to users, carers and communities, through new models of care for example.
  • Improve staff motivation and morale: workforce and talent management proposal were pitched, plus recruitment and retention proposals targeting ‘hard to recruit’ clinical areas.
  • Reduce costs and or increase revenue. Commercialisation of a range of services were proposed. 

Entrepreneurial Leadership in Livewell SW - our story

This is the third programme that we’ve commissioned and we’re really pleased with it. It gives an important message to people working within Livewell SW that we really value and support innovation that comes from people delivering those services.

Listen to Steve Waite, Chief Executive of Livewell Southwest and the facilitators’ experiences of the Leadership in Social Enterprise programme

Plymouth City Council 

Leading Service Change

Delegates on all our programmes typically face the challenge of new and greater responsibilities, managing new “teams”, with much less resource. 

Our customised short programmes for Plymouth City Council have enabled leaders to design new services and create service improvements, save money, generate income and improve morale, through greater collaboration with staff and other partners.

Impact with clients
Leaders have been actively involved in developing a range of innovation and enterprise proposals to create cost savings, quality improvements and new commercial services. These include:

  • Transformation of commercial property for alternative uses.
  • Commercial 'enabling services' for key service user groups, where they live.
  • Creation of advice and support services within local community settings.
  • Transformation of library services across Plymouth. 

  • Creation of a community interest company to enhance and develop capacity for existing council core services. 
  • Workforce development through integrated apprenticeship programmes. 

  • Enhanced training and development for social workers and new entrants to social work.