Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

Lifestyle entrepreneurship refers to businesses operated in a manner that incorporates non-financial factors that support the maintenance or shaping of a particular lifestyle or quality of life. Lead by Dr Emily Beaumont, the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre’s research in lifestyle entrepreneurship has focused on lifestyle sports, often also referred to as ‘extreme’, and ‘alternative’ sports. Futures most recent work explores the training and development needs of lifestyle entrepreneurs, aiming to create an innovative training programme for lifestyle entrepreneurs in the start-up phase of their business.

Doctoral research

Exploring Lifestyle Entrepreneurship within Lifestyle Sports

Laura Wallis is a PhD student based within the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre. Her PhD research explores the relationship between lifestyle entrepreneurship and lifestyle sports where there is a shared importance of ‘lifestyle’. There are currently three suggested ‘target’ locations for this study, which include South-West of England, California, and New Zealand. This large-scale study will be the first of its kind to take an international and multi lifestyle sport approach to understanding lifestyle entrepreneurship in lifestyle sports and therefore will be a significant study in the Entrepreneurship discipline.

Masters research

Serious Leisure and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs: An application of the Confirmed Serious Leisure Inventory and Measure (SLIM)

Tom Sugg is a postgraduate student at Plymouth University whose work aims to further understanding of lifestyle entrepreneurship in lifestyle sport through application of the serious leisure involvement measure. 

Lifestyle Entrepreneurship in the Surfing Subculture of Cornwall, UK

Deborah Baird is a postgraduate student at Plymouth University whose study investigates lifestyle entrepreneurship in the surfing subculture of Cornwall, UK. This study examines lifestyle entrepreneurship and freestyle entrepreneurship amongst this community and explores their values.

Research grants 

Surfing a Sustainable Wave The Lifestyle Entrepreneurs contribution to the Cornish Economy 

The Centre was awarded £4,700 from the Sustainable Research Institute, led by Dr Emily Beaumont and including Dr Andreas Walmsley, to explore lifestyle entrepreneurs in the surfing community of Cornwall, UK. The aim of this study was to understand how this population make their significant contribution to the Cornish economy, in particular establishing how their values affect their contribution to the regional economy. Outputs from this research project include:

Beaumont, E., Walmsley, A. Woodward, E. and Wallis, E. (2016) The Freestyle Lifestyle Entrepreneur- A Tale of Competing Values. British Academy of Management Conference, in Newcastle, 6-8 September 2016.

Beaumont, E., Walmsley, A. Woodward, E. and Wallis, E. (2016) Economic Sustainability? Lifestyle Entrepreneurship within surfing businesses in Devon and Cornwall. Sustainable Earth Conference, in Plymouth, 23-24 June 2016.

Baird, D., Beaumont, E. and Jones, P. (2015) Lifestyle Entrepreneurship in the Surfing Subculture of Cornwall, UK. Paper presented at the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference in Glasgow, 11-12 November 2015.